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Variety is my goal, but I'm particularly fond of gaming-related fan art, edits and gifs. So stick around if you like pretty pictures made by talented people.

I always try to post original content alongside reblogs, just to keep things fun and fresh.

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My name is Legion,for we are many.


Portal & Portal 2 by Craig Drake / Facebook

18” X 24” screen prints, available individually or as a matching numbered set when purchased together.

Part of the “Press Start III Turbo Edition" art show opening August 29th at Ltd Art Gallery / Tumblr.

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Mario Tennis Advert - Nintendo 64 [2000]

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Team Fortress 2 - Medic

Created by Milica Popović

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Link and Zelda: Conan Tribute - Created by Jeremiah Lambert

Created as a tribute to the great illustrator Frank Frazetta and his classic Conan cover.

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Blazblue: Continuum Shift, Arcade - 2010 - Arc System Works

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