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In terms of lore, narrative and overarching themes- Deus Ex: HR is one of the most ambitious games I’ve ever played.

It expands the notion of human enhancement far beyond the typical ‘man playing god’ territory. Social, economic, political, moral and ethical issues are all discussed through various in-game means, with no clear 'right answer' at the end of it.

The game creates a debate within its own world, where augmentation has had a profound effect on all parts of society and compelling arguments can be heard from just about anyone- from scientists working in labs to bums living on the streets.

It feels like an adult experience, the type of game to mull over long after you’ve seen the final credits. And who knows, in 20 years time human protestics could have enhanced to the point where voluntary augmentation becomes a real-world issue, and Deus Ex’s themes shift from fiction to reality. Should man willingly bind with machine? It’s a debate that’ll probably emerge sooner than you think…

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